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  • Treats Headache Well
    Date Added: 04/11/2020 by Alexis Fawx

     “I suffered from headaches lasting months at a time.. tried so many different Drs and medications, until the other day I got some samples of Butalbital. OMG! I forgot what it felt like to feel normal. People at work ask me what did I do, that I look different today. I say, "I don't have a headache".”

  • Best In Headache
    Date Added: 04/11/2020 by Joshua Norm

    “I've suffered from bad tension headaches for years. This acetaminophen/butalbital is the best headache medicine I've ever used! I can take one and 15-30 minutes After taking it headache is gone! I had no side effects from this drug! It saved my life! It is Awesome!!”

  • Fioricet for migraine headache
    Date Added: 18/05/2017 by Indiana Joe

    Fioricet (acetaminophen/butalbital/caffeine) for Headache: "Perfect combination of Fioricet does wonders! It helps my tension headaches, especially when I am stressed!"

  • Butalbital to combat migraine
    Date Added: 18/05/2017 by Jane castle

    I have had severe migraines headache for close to a decade. This was one of the several medicines that I have tried to aid to relieve the pain, and thanks to migraines headache. with the unique combination, butalbital has helped me much to combat with that episodic pain.

  • Butalbital lessens the headache in no time
    Date Added: 20/04/2017 by Jason David

    The doctor advised me butalbital for headaches that come and go owing to a continuous ringing in my ear. This magic pill works great and only side-effect I had was they made me drowsy. Have recommended to my cousin who suffers from a severe migraine.

  • Wonder drug- Butalbital
    Date Added: 20/04/2017 by Nikki Rose

    I get tension headaches and butalbital does wonder for them. Though it says it can make you sleepy, I haven’t any problem with that. I consume it and continue to work all day. I hear it is hard on your liver but I do not take it daily, just when I get these tension headaches.

  • Butalbital is supremely amazing
    Date Added: 20/04/2017 by Katherine

    I was having a severe migraine and my eyes would be sensitive to bright light, couldn’t tolerate noise. I found myself laying down on the bed most of the time with a penetrating headache. I finally went to a Dr. who prescribed butalbital for me and what a relief. My headaches are under control. It’s a godsend.

  • The perfect formula to kill migraine
    Date Added: 20/04/2017 by Karen J.

    Yes, great medicine for the migraines. The barbiturate and acetaminophenin this drug work amazingly amazing. I always take it when in severe pain and feel relaxed within 30 minutes. Thanks to butalbital.

  • Butalbital for migraine
    Date Added: 20/04/2017 by John Carrol

    I got Butalbital prescribed by my physician after dealing with severe migraines and headaches. Took it for the very first time today after trying several things and no relief in sight, within 40 minutes my headache was disappeared, I did notice a lightheaded feeling in the starting but it soon passed. And, I finished out the rest of my work like normal. I am definitely a fan of this magic pill.

  • Butal Bital - a true pain reliever
    Date Added: 16/03/2017 by Lewis Albert

    I have severe migraine and Butalbital works wonders. It makes my pain go away in about half an hour. I could not live without this wonder pill.

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