Precautions for using Butalbital during Pregnancy

Precautions for using Butalbital during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a condition during which a woman is most vulnerable and undergoes numerous transformations, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is also the time when most of the medicines which a woman has been using since long begin to counter-attack or produce harmful effects. Therefore, it is necessary to check if the medicines used by a woman are safe during pregnancy or not. In this article, we will read about Butalbital's effect on pregnancy.

Butalbital and Pregnancy

The category C has been assigned to Butalbital by the FDA. Butalbital is a Barbiturate and the barbiturates can cross the placental barrier between the mother and the fetus, easily. A case of a two-days old infant has been reported who had to face withdrawal seizures. It was revealed that the mother of this infant took Butalbital regularly in the last two months of her pregnancy. Butalbital was found in the serum of the infant. Although there have been no studies on the animal reproduction and butalbital and there is no controlled data on Butalbital's effect in human pregnancy as well, the cases of Butalbital's withdrawal and other side effects in the infants have made the use of Butalbital restricted only when the benefits are much greater than the risks.

Butalbital and Breastfeeding

Butalbital crosses the placenta and enters the body of the fetus during pregnancy but what about when the baby is out of the body? Is it safe to use the drug now? Let's find out the answer to the questions below:

Butalbital passes out to the baby through the breast milk in small quantities. This can cause some problems in the infants. Due to the possibility of potential damage to the baby, either breastfeeding or butalbital consumption should be stopped. If the drug is more important and the mother cannot live comfortably without it, then she should discontinue breastfeeding else, she can consult the doctor and find a safe substitute of Butalbital.

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